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Set of Cards

  1. 6 Swords
  2. 2 Cups
  3. Queen of Cups
  4. 7 Pentacles
  5. Knave of Wands
  6. Temperance
  7. 5 Cups
  8. The Empress
  9. 6 Pentacles
  10. 7 Swords

Basically, Card#1 shows that the Team Azkals are having a lot of travelling from different countries and that really strengthen their bonds of friendship Card#2. They are like brothers.

Card#3 shows the level of emotion of each member of the team. It shows that they are helping each other by supporting them morally. The love life of the team is okay. I see a lot of admirers. I think they are abundant with love from their fans Card#5.

Card#4 says that something arrived on the team. I see good and bad things depending on what they did. The good thing is the opportunity they are getting from hard work and the scandal they are facing right now because of what they did from the past. Card#6 which is The Temperance is giving them an advice that they should balance their temper in facing any obstacles.

Card#7 reveals their great loss. They lost the fight against Kuwait last week but there is a big chance on winning the second game because Card#8 is The Empress that means a very good card. It also means that their fans have a big hope that they can defeat Team Kuwait on the second game.

Card#9 shows that the team is afraid to lose for the second time against Kuwait. Finally, Card#10 says that they are trying to evade so issue. They are focusing their attention on different things rather than solving the issue they are facing.

I tried to do some tarot card reading for President Noynoy Aquino yesterday using my Tarot of the 78 Doors and here is the result.
His main problem is decision making. He is pressured by the people who are expecting him to do something. But the card of the High Priestess was there so maybe it's time to think harder. Don't just go with the obvious things. Think deeper. Meditate. Use your logical mind and listen to your intuition. There is something in your past that you really have to forget. GuiltAside from all of these, you will abundantly receive good news and everything would be fine. Don't forget to have your quality time with yourself and loved ones.

I finally have my tarot card! For those people who are asking where to buy tarot card in Manila Philippines, I have one place to recommend. Greenhills. Greenhills Shopping Center have a lot of quirky things for us to buy.

I bought my tarot deck at Fully Booked in Greenhills along Promenade. It's pricey but worth it naman. I had to choose between Druid Tarot and Tarot of the 78 Doors but in the end, I ended up with Tarot of the 78 Doors.

According to a radio broadcaster/ dipshit, the world will end tomorrow, May 21, 2011 at exactly 6:00 pm. How is that? But according to me, a filipino empath/ half-dipshit, it won't. Why? Because I going to buy a deck of Tarot Card tomorrow at exactly 2:00 pm and I am gonna use it for decades! :D I am pretty sure that Judgment Day won't happen tomorrow. Empath people know best. Trust me. *wink*

Anabelle, one of spirit guides guided me throughout the process of talking to the people in my past and I am thanking her for the guidance she had given me.

I am a Psychic!

Yesterday, I posted something about me getting weaker before realizing that I suck in remote viewing. Then someone sent me a personal message on my account from the empath community that I am in.

She said that she also failed to pick up things sometimes but that doesn't stop her to continue doing RV. She also said that I must say to myself that I am a Psychic because at the end of the day, we are all psychic!

Because of her, I gained some valuable lesson as an empath. :)

Getting Weaker

 Is it not ironic? My last post was about me getting better but today, here I am posting about this negative topic.

I tried to do some remote viewing challenges and I failed. I am now thinking that remote viewing is not for me and I have to quit doing it. Maybe I must proceed to Reiki which is I do best but remote viewing is kind of cooler than Reiki though.